The Other Mauritius – the view from Grand Bassin

The crater lake is deep, and it quivers with activity.  The offerings which fall off the concrete slabs are gobbled up by monster sized eels.  Birds drop in and take what they can, and troops of monkeys patrol the area – they know a good feed when they see one.

High above the south side of the lake are a couple more temples; always interesting to take your shoes off and observe the colourful statuary, marvel at the worshipping of the penis through lingams of various lengths and thicknesses, absorb the aromas of different incense and spices.  But to me, my geographical passion was sated more by the extreme views up here.  You are close the highest point on the island, and at this location alone can you look down on over half the island.  And it all comes together.

You have to have the right day to do it.  I have been to Grand Bassin several times when the cloud base was low, or the haze made it difficult to see beyond the local forest but come up here on a sunny day soon after rain and you will be treated to this panorama.   The forests and reservoirs of the south west dominate the near scene, but to the south east and further out you could see the cane fields stretching away.  All the little mountain ranges around the island could be picked out from this point.

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