Into the Jungle – Down with the kids

There was no time for more as we had to set off for the fields.  The children, now enchanted by the visitors with their high tech gizmos followed like the children of Hamlin.  We saw the plant nursery, the community forest and the watershed catchment; to be honest it was very similar to the other two villages, but the villagers were so proud of their achievements that we had to afford them the same time to explain their activities.  As we went round the children started by following a few paces behind us, then we found them walking along side us, usually in silence.  If one of them made a silly remark or laughed too loud they were scolded by their peers.  They wanted to be around us and see what we would do.  I started to feel like a zoo exhibit.  Then the most remarkable thing happened.  Anne and Stephanie put out their hands to a couple of the children and they in turn reached out and walked alongside.  The other children were immediately jealous, but still slightly nervous.  I put out my hand to one quiet boy, he must have been barely three feet high.  His cold fingers touched mine, gingerly at first but then with a tight and what felt like a content grip.  Someone else took my other hand without me even gesturing.  At one time I actually had three on one side and two on the other, reaching for any part of my arm that was not already taken.  This way we walked back to the village.  The conversation was very stilted- we could all manage Bonjour and Hello, but if I said more than Ca va, they went quiet on me.  But they just enjoyed the experience.

As we walked back through the village, some of the kids broke off naturally, bored of this game.  Others were bawled at by their family to get on with the work they were supposed to have done hours ago. I got a couple of garbled “goodbye’s” from them but that was all.

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