Crazy Town, Crazy Island – Fame at last

We returned to Petionville but popped in to a supermarket for a few items – Jean Luc had got into the habit of having a bunch of snacks around including his beloved Vache Qui Rit.  We also needed some flipchart markers.  The entrance was enclosed in the usual high walls of high status buildings in Haiti.  We passed several armed guards as we went in, but once inside it was a normal supermarket and very well stocked.  In Petionville there were a huge number of foreign aid workers, and probably the largest concentration of people in Haiti with disposable income.  You could be in France here with high rise shelves stacked high with every convenience, and a cheese counter, delicatessen, fish store, and large vegetable and fruit stalls.  As we were in the snack aisle for Jean Luc to pick up his cashew nuts and cheese, I noticed that A Mills peanut butter was on sale for 400 Gourdes.  OK it was for Arrowhead Mills products, but it was nice to think I had reached as far as Port Au Prince with my entrepreneurship.


Is it really?