Into the Jungle – Dash for the plane

Of course despite this final adventure, we were a long way from Freetown.  It took another hour or so to reach Fintonia, where we caught sight of Momoh on his veranda.  He was surprised to see us – he thought that because we had not turned up for lodgings the night before that we had pressed on southwards.  We did not delay now, we had a quiet recrossing of the Kaba River and then settled down to the four hours of bumpy road to Makeni again.  Once on the main road our driver was going a little stir crazy from all the forest driving and events and put his foot down.  We had to remind him to calm down a little and get us back to Freetown alive, as he overtook another cavalcade of lorries and just managed to get back on his own side of the road before being hit by one in the return direction.   He just wanted to come home.  But he made the mistake of taking the main Kissy Road back into the city and we were another hour before I was dropped off at the STEWARD Guest House, to tell tales of daring do and hardship….. and get the laundry done and  nurse the mosquito bites.


Back over the ferry

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