Into the Jungle – Exploring the new digs

We piled back one more time into the vehicles and expected another long bumpy ride, but instead we headed about 100m into the central square of the town, turned right up a narrow street between several houses, right again and came to a stop under a large tree.  To the right was a well built house with new aluminium roof.  We piled out but Stephanie warned us not to unpack the luggage just yet.  There were still about a dozen of us in the party, plus the drivers and we could not all fit in the guesthouse.  The four women would stay here.  The men would be dotted around a number of houses in the town.  With a little trepidation as to what the accommodation was to be, myself, Matt and one of the Freetown STEWARD staff, James, headed off with one of the local STEWARD staff who had come out to greet us.  We walked past a small mosque, down a couple of footpaths in between various houses and came across a solid building with wooden shutters across the windows.  The main entrance was hidden away in a small courtyard shared with several other houses but there was another door out the back.  The building had four small bedrooms off a main room, but the furniture was austere.  In the main room there was a small wooden table with one chair, and there was a low flat bed and chair in each of the other rooms.  The only other objects were a set of plastic buckets and water containers, all empty at present.  There was no kitchen, and we were shown a communal lavatory, basically a hole in the ground in a fly ridden shelter outside, and the bathroom.  This was a gravelly space enclosed on four sides by grass fence but no roof.  Well, we were only here one night; we could make the best of it.  However we thought it was a concern that none of the doors had locks on them so we talked to the local STEWARD guy and while he searched for a handy man, we took a turn around town.

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