Walking the Beaches – Second Day on the South Coast

The next day we had scheduled to complete this south coast walk so we had to get back to Savannah, or at least the next village of L’Escalier.  Mike and I had explored the track leading from L’Escalier to the coast a few weeks before.  I remember completely making a fool of myself as we drove up to a shelter on the cliff tops, a large slab of concrete underneath which seemed to have a pile of charred sticks on it.  From the vehicle that was about all I could see, but given its position I said to Mike “Looks like a fabulous place to have a barbecue”.

Mike glared at me as he often did “I doubt it since it’s a crematorium for a Hindu Funeral.”

I must have flushed but then recovered saying “Well it is a similar principle, I suppose.”

Now it was just Jeremy and I, and I told him the story as we parked up next to the shelter.  Given the surprises the previous day’s walk had thrown up, I had looked again at the imagery and it looked like more or the same today, although it looked even more rocky and with steep cliffs.  There didn’t seem to be any more idyllic retreats for plantation owners, but there were plenty of woods, so who knew?  At least I had already been to our destination, in the calm of a little lagoon near the village of La Bouchon.  When I had been exploring on my own a couple of months previous, I had come across this pretty spot and was looking forward to sharing it with Jeremy.

We had that second day stiffness when starting out, but given Jeremy and I had now been walking these coastlines for a couple of weeks, we were a lot fitter than we had been and still put on a pace along the track.  Indeed for a while it did stay the same at the end of the previous day, that neglected parkland look with small indomitable trees and long grass, and lots of stone walls now partitioning nothing.


Another gorgeous piece of unexpected coastline

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